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Valentine’s Day Cards from Christmas leftovers

Sunday, January 16th, 2011

I enjoy getting Christmas photo cards from friends & family. I keep them up on the fridge for as long as possible, they are the last Christmas things I put away. I save them up for Valentine’s Day, along with any red ribbon/wrapping from Christmas to use on Valentine’s Day cards. This is a great project for snow days or on MLK Day when the kids are off from school.

Here are the photos as we received them from friends.

Next I cut the pictures out according to the most logical shapes.

Then we mix and match with the fun elements of the leftover cards (the polka dots for example), an old lace curtain from the thrift store (no worries, it was nothing old or too nice!) heart cut outs, scraps of fabric, ribbon and yarn.

I keep a large Ziploc of pink, red and lacey things in the drawer to make our Valentine’s Day cards each year.

These are on 4×6 cardstock to be mailed.

Here are the ones we made freeform for use in class. We’re attaching them to a pencil, but I think it’s plenty just to give classmates a homemade Valentine all by itself.

We used cereal boxboard for the stiff cardboard and some scrapbook paper that always seems to be on sale!