Snow Day I Spy Project

We have had a lot of Snow Days this winter, and this project always gets good reviews from my kids who are 5 and almost 7.

I took an old poster board and let them glue (I painted mod podge on for them or you can use Elmer’s or glue sticks) all sorts of things we had hanging around: old stamps, toy packaging, old greeting cards, pages from books that were damaged beyond repair (I am not a book butcher, I promise!). We also used crafts from school, ticket stubs, random cut out letters and pictures from magazines. This first one is a few years old, and the kids love exploring it every winter (this is the third year they have gone back to it) and remembering what they put on it.

We also play the I Spy Game – How many Snoopys can you find? How many stamps can you count? There are many possibilities for curious minds. If you do use Mod Podge, use a splat mat and do it on the floor. You can also thin out Elmer’s Glue with a little water if you want to paint the glue on like Mod Podge. Use old paint brushes for that or a sponge. I usually buy a bag of those cheap black foam brushes and throw them away afterward. Of course, I wash them and reuse them, if I can. (I’m having throw away guilt now.)

We used an old poster, but you could use a piece of cardboard or make your project a little smaller, the cardboard just has to be thick/strong enough to take a lot of glue!

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