Mini Junk Robots

My kids are 5 and 7 and there is much love for anything nerdy in our house. I don’t actually have any nerd skills (“Honey, the printer won’t print!”) but I do love anything geeky. I made a robot Christmas ornament for my son, now when I say “robot,” I mean it as sculpture. Sadly my robots don’t move, do anything or are articulated, maybe someday! These guys are small (so we could hang them on the Christmas tree) and my kids didn’t want them to be put away for the holidays, so now they are all over the house.

I used items around the house of most moms of young kids — old blocks for the bodies, broken toy parts, odd game pieces, and beads. We also have a large collection of various household hardware: drywall screws, finish nails, teeny tiny computer screws (for the eyes).

I’m not a big fan of glue, so I try to make my mini bots stick together with screws or tension, but I have to admit, that takes a lot of trial and error. Pre-drilling the wooden blocks with a small bit and using drywall screw for the arms & legs are the best. Also, if you use a wooden bead as the head, you can use a washer or another embellishment to screw the head down into the body.

Okay, lots of ‘splaining for something that’s pretty obvious. Here is my mini bot gallery.

about actual size. The body is a one inch wooden bead.

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  1. Christina P Says:

    Ohmygoodness! Very cute!

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