Invasion of the Sock People

This is a very fun craft for little and big hands alike. Smaller kids may need help with the sewing, but it’s an excellent opportunity to teach them a few basic stitches. This pattern and idea comes from a wonderful book I found at Michael’s Craft Stores. Our local librarian loved the book so much, she ordered both of the books as well. I have also done this craft with boys and girls at our town camp to much success.



Not all of them are named, here we have: Sun-on-my-face Bunny, Bootsy Collins, Robot Sock, Mary Queen of Socks (she did have a Stewart pattern bow before it got played off her), upside guy and two others who are nameless.



Without further gushing, here is the book info (check your local library first to see if you like it so much you can’t live without out it, like



Stray Sock Sewing: Making One of a Kind Creatures from Socks



Other reasons I enjoy this book/craft:

1. It was an excellent primer on basic hand sewing stitches, so I had been doing incorrectly or didn’t know the name of.


2. The variety you can achieve with one simple craft — the possibilities are endless.


3. The kids I’ve made this with come up the most inventive ideas — I would never have thought to make one upside down.


4. Being a kid of the 70s, I thought boys would have no interest in this craft, but I was wrong! I love being wrong about that kind of thing.


5. At the town camp, I taught 3 or 4 teen councilors the basic cutting and sewing in about 10 minutes, at the end of the two hour camp, I think we had made about 30 sock people.


6. It’s fast and very satisfying.


7. You can personalize them. I made one for our poetry loving librarian where she was holding a mini book with past of Ogden Nash’s sock poem.


8. Okay, okay, I’ll stop now.


9. Okay, one more — the baby socks you choose can give you ideas for the personality of the sock.


Gallery of Rogue (Socks)




All but these last two are made out of baby socks. Either ones I kept around for sentimental reasons, or strays that were too cute or purchased at the Dollar Store.

King Green Dog and Pinky Bell Cat were patterns from the book, but I would not recommend using the fuzzy socks I used – they shred when you cut them + Fuzz= Way More mess!


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